Practice Schedule
Bronze Team
Bronze A - M, W 3:15-4:30
Bronze B - T, Th 3:15-4:30
Bronze swimmers may return to the pool deck after changing to wait for pick-up by 5:00 p.m.
Pick-up at 4:45

Silver Team
M-F, 3:15-4:45*
*Silver swimmers who attend the Middle School may start practice with the gold swimmers at 2:30.
Pick-up at 5:00

Gold Team
M-F, 2:30-4:45
Pick-up at 5:00
Practice Information

Swimmer Pick-up

Parents should arrange transportation home for their swimmers
when practice ends.   Swimmers are welcome to and do homework, visit with friends, read, or enjoy quiet activities until their parents arrive. 

*** Swimmers must be picked-up by 5:00, at the latest. ***
Please respect our coaches’ time. If you can not pick your
swimmer up at the designated time please make alternate arrangements.  Boys and Girls club is available to elementary school swimmers until 5:30 pm.  Also TYC has a sport shuttle for any elementary school swimmers registered for the after school program.  Please contact them for additional information.

If a practice must be cancelled, notification will be made via e-mail.
Please check your e-mail regularly. In the event of an emergency pool closure, which sometimes happens when power loss or surges occur, schools will be notified, and announcements made to students over the school’s PA system. Parents of younger swimmers – please talk in advance with your child about what he or she should do if this happens.
Practice Schedules