General Information
What is STSC?
Seward Tsunami Swim Club (STSC) is a developmental and competitive swim team that provides a supervised aquatics program for Seward area youth ages 5-18. STSC is a member of Alaska Swimming, Inc., the local swimming committee of United States Swimming (USS), which is the national governing body for the sport and the organization which registers and insures athletes, sanctions events, and conducts competitions and development programs. Last season our membership included 60 plus swimmers.
What is the criteria for joining the Seward Tsunamis?
When you bring your child to the team for the first time, our coaches will do an assessment of your child's swimming level.  While your child doesn't have to know all of the strokes, they will be required to swim the length of the pool unassisted and demonstrate the concept of swimming.  If this task is completed satisfactorily, you will be given the correct team placement for your child, a schedule, and a few forms that need to be filled out.  If your child is not yet to this point, our coaches will recommend that s/he complete additional swim lessons, and then return to STSC.
How is STSC set up?
STSC is a non-profit organization, tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. We have a two-member paid coaching staff and a seven member volunteer executive board which conducts the daily business of the organization. The vitality and success of our club, however, depend on the support and participation of parents. This year we will host one swim meet in April, our main fund-raising event, Swim-a-thon, in MArch, and our annual awards banquet at the beginning of May. These are fun, family-oriented events with opportunities for everyone to participate and contribute to their success.

General membership meetings are scheduled for October 24 at 7 pm at Seward Elementary School librar.. All club parents are urged to mark your calendars now and attend these meeting. which will be geared toward your swimmer(s) and their development in the sport rather than club operations.  If you are interested in learning more about club operations, or in serving on the executive board, please contact any board member.
What are Bronze, Silver, and Gold groups?
Swimmers are assigned to training groups according to their level of mastery of the four competitive strokes: freestyle, back stroke, breast-stroke and butterfly. Practices for bronze and silver swimmers are mainly instructional. Gold swimmers perform more lengthy work-outs, perfecting performance and training for championship meets. Practice times for all three groups overlap, so only lane lines separate them. Older swimmers serve not only as role-models for younger swimmers, but also as a friendly lap to sit in at meets. Everyone, regardless of training group, is encouraged to be an enthusiastic cheerleader for all team members.
How is STSC funded?
Club expenses include coach salaries, taxes, pool and lifeguard fees, insurance, USS registration fees, staff training and certification fees, equipment, awards, and travel costs associated with distant meets. Income is derived primarily from yearly registration fees and monthly dues. Swim-a-thon is our one major fund-raiser, which takes place in March. STSC also actively pursues charitable contributions from businesses and civic organizations.
What else should I know about having a STSC swimmer?
Registration fees:
Annual registration fees are mandatory and are collected at the beginning of the season. The STSC annual fee is $15.00. The US Swimming (USS) annual fee is $65.00, which pays for membership in United States Swimming from January 1st through December 31st. This membership provides insurance for swimmers, and allows them to take part in USS sanctioned swim meets.
Monthly Club Dues:
Dues are based on training group placement and are to be paid by the 5th of the month for the upcoming month’s swim practice. Invoices are sent via e-mail during the last week of the previous month. There is a $5 discount on monthly club dues for swimmers in a family with two or more swimmers in the club. The first swimmer pays full dues, and additional swimmers receive the $5 discount. Dues may be waived, by prior arrangement, if a swimmer will be absent from the pool for a period of a month or more. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the treasurer of upcoming long-term absences or if their swimmer will end the season early. Families will be expected to pay for invoiced dues if they fail to inform the treasurer of absences before the month in question begins. Notification should be via e-mail or snail mail at the addresses listed below. Payment of club dues and equipment fees must be kept current for continued participation by swimmers.
Bronze: $45.00
Silver: $60.00
Gold: $70.00
Each swimmer will need a swim suit, cap, and a pair of goggles at every practice. Silver and Gold level swimmers are required to bring a water bottle to every practice. Suits, caps, and goggles are available, at cost, for club members through our club swim store located in the team locker on the pool deck.  Prices are listed, and purchases should be recorded on the clipboard provided. Swimmers may make cash purchases, but a parent must sign for purchases which they wish to appear on their monthly club invoice.  Purchase of a team suit to be worn at meets is optional, but encouraged. Information regarding team suits will be sent soon after the season starts. Because the club can not control access to the locker rooms, swimmers should either lock their belongings in a locker or carry their belongings onto the pool deck during practice. Combination locks are available at several stores locally. The Club will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
Meets and Travel Costs:
Meet fees are charged by the swim club hosting each meet, and are variable. There is a flat fee per swimmer for participation, plus a smaller fee charged per event for each swimmer. These fees generally range from $20.00 to $35.00 depending on the number of events. Once a swimmer is registered for a meet these fees must be paid, even if the swimmer does not attend the meet. Fees will be added to each family’s monthly invoice. Parents are responsible for transporting their swimmers to meets, or for arranging travel with other club members. Food and hotel costs for overnight meets are also the responsibility of parents. We will generally attend one meet per month during the swim season, and only one is held in Seward. (Mark your calendars – April 14, 2012 Seward Spring Splash)
Scholarships Available:
STSC is able to offer financial aid to swimmers through the fundraising efforts of the entire club and matching grants solicited from local businesses. Scholarship monies may be applied to registration costs, monthly dues, meet fees, and one practice suit plus one pair of goggles from the STSC store. Those swimmers who are awarded scholarships will be asked to commit to:
1.) regular attendance at practice and willingness to complete the swim season (Nov-May)
2.) participation in the annual Swim-a-thon
3.) parent volunteer participation in the home swim meet
Since we would like to help as many families as possible, the scholarship amounts will be decided once all applications are received and reviewed.  Please see the application located on a later page in the registration packet.  We encourage you to apply!
STSC, P.O. Box 2328, Seward, AK  99664